Albert Theron Briggs
(09/08/1866 - 09/27/1944)
Born:09/08/1866 | Macedon, NY
Died:09/27/1944  (age 78) | Macedon, NY
Buried:South Perinton Cemetery, Fairport, NY | related burials
Census: 1870 : Macedon, NY
1880 : Macedon, NY
1892 : Macedon, NY
1900 : Macedon, NY
1910 : Macedon, NY
1920 : Macedon, NY
Education: Macedon Academy (1885)
Occupation: 1892 : machinist
1900 : mechanic (agricultural implements)
1910 : machinist (grain drill factory), Bickford and Huffman Drill Works (American Seeding Machine Company)
1920 : farmer (general farm)
Ancestors: View 4 ancestors

The 1900 census shows his birth as 09/1867. Another source (need to verify) shows his birth date as 11/08/1866. His obituary shows 09/08/1866. His obituary in the Rochester Times-Union indicates that he has 12 children with Ida. He worked at the Bickford and Huffman Drill Works, and then the Ontario Drill Works in East Rochester. One of his daughters was Mrs. Wilson Bumpus. Two others were Mrs. Emmor H. Baker and Mrs. Robert W. Baker (both of Macedon, NY). Another daughter was Mrs. Harold Donner.

Father: Albert Hawks Briggs Born: 10/07/1841 Died: 11/1912   (age 71)

Mother: Charlotte P. Moore (Briggs) Born: 10/03/1846 Died: 03/14/1918   (age 71)


Brother: Truman M. Briggs Born:1868 Died:1925    
Brother: William I. Briggs Born:1872 Died:1932    
Brother: Charles Alman Briggs Born:03/13/1874 Died:09/09/1949   (age 75)   
Sister: Rowena Angebelle Briggs (Wright) Born:03/30/1876 Died:09/23/1929   (age 53)   
Brother: Thomas Leonard Briggs Born:11/01/1880 Died:06/25/1958   (age 77)   
Brother: Arthur Menzies Briggs Born:11/11/1884 Died:12/14/1946   (age 62)   
Wife: Ida Jane Day (Briggs) Born:12/12/1862 Died:07/20/1934   (age 71) Married:11/25/1886
Son: James Albert Briggs Born:09/1888 Died:    
Son: Willard Clinton Briggs Born:04/01/1889 Died:12/1977   (age 88)   
Son: Charles Leroy Briggs Born:11/18/1890 Died:12/12/1992   (age 102)   
Daughter: Mary Catherine Briggs (Bumpus) Born:11/27/1891 Died:02/26/1951   (age 59)   
Daughter: Ruth I. Briggs Born:09/1894 Died:    
Son: Robert Wilson Briggs Born:06/05/1895 Died:01/08/1989   (age 93)   
Son: George Dewey Briggs Born:03/1897 Died:    
Son: Homer Briggs Born:07/1899 Died:    
Son: Harold Briggs Born:07/1899 Died:    
Son: Allen Everett Briggs Born:1899 Died:11/03/1951   
Son: Leonard Moore Briggs Born:10/08/1902 Died:04/1983   (age 80)   
Daughter: Helen Rowena Briggs (Weis) Born:12/22/1904 Died:07/21/1999   (age 94)   
Daughter: Charlotte E. Briggs Born:04/21/1907 Died:12/26/1989   (age 82)   
Son: B. Briggs Born:  Died: