Elizabeth Lapham Beal (Smith)
(11/09/1843 - 11/14/1925)

The 1900 census shows her birth year as 1823 (age 76), but this is likely an error. An Elizabeth S. Beal appears in "Gazetteer and Business Directory of Wayne County, NY, for 1867-8", but not sure if she is this one.

Father: Seth Beal Born: 05/08/1803 Died: 12/21/1884   (age 81)

Mother: Hannah Gould Reed (Beal) Born: 02/19/1811 Died: 09/22/1850   (age 39)


Brother: Nathan Stone Reed Beal Born:01/1828 Died:    
Brother: Emory Beal Born:04/20/1836 Died:02/18/1906   (age 69)   
Brother: Seth Beal Born:06/03/1838 Died:09/15/1908   (age 70)   
Sister: Hannah G. Beal (Smith) Born:04/1840 Died:02/22/1911   (age 70)   
Sister: Chloe Maria Beal (Allyn) Born:10/04/1845 Died:01/27/1917   (age 71)   
Sister: Cynthia S. Beal Born:  Died:    
Brother: Bernard Beal Born:  Died:    
Sister: Lydia Ellen Beal Born:  Died:    
Brother: Orrin L. Beal Born:  Died:    
Husband: Samuel Mott Smith Born:11/1832 Died:1914 Married:09/1867
Son: Lewis H. Smith Born:12/1875 Died:10/20/1933   (age 57)   
Son: Samuel Mott Smith Born:08/24/1878 Died:08/19/1937   (age 58)   
Daughter: Hannah B. Smith Born:05/1882 Died:    
Daughter: Margaret E. Smith (Buell) Born:12/1886 Died:    
Daughter: Sarah F. Smith Born:  Died:    
Daughter: Elizabeth F. Smith Born:  Died:    
Daughter: Phebe A. Smith Born:  Died: