Charlotte P. Moore (Briggs)
(10/03/1846 - 03/14/1918)
Born:10/03/1846 | Sheffield, OH
Died:03/14/1918  (age 71) | Rochester, NY
Buried:Macedon Center Cemetery, Macedon, NY | related burials
Census: 1870 : Macedon, NY
1880 : Macedon, NY
1892 : Macedon, NY
1900 : Macedon, NY
1910 : Macedon, NY

The 1870 census shows her middle inital as E. Her obituary indicates that she died while visiting her grandson J. A. Briggs in Rochester, NY.

Husband: Albert Hawks Briggs Born:10/07/1841 Died:11/14/1912   (age 71) Married:11/01/1865
Son: Albert Theron Briggs Born:09/08/1866 Died:09/27/1944   (age 78)   
Son: Truman M. Briggs Born:08/03/1868 Died:06/20/1925   (age 56)   
Son: William I. Briggs Born:1872 Died:1932   
Son: Charles Alman Briggs Born:03/13/1874 Died:09/09/1949   (age 75)   
Daughter: Rowena Angebelle Briggs (Wright) Born:03/30/1876 Died:09/23/1929   (age 53)   
Son: Thomas Leonard Briggs Born:11/01/1880 Died:06/25/1958   (age 77)   
Son: Arthur Menzies Briggs Born:11/11/1884 Died:12/14/1946   (age 62)