Robert Wilson Briggs
(06/05/1895 - 01/08/1989)
Born:06/05/1895 | NY
Died:01/08/1989  (age 93)
Buried:South Perinton Cemetery, Fairport, NY | related burials
Census: 1900 : Macedon, NY
1910 : Macedon, NY
1920 : Macedon, NY
Occupation: 1920 : machinist (machine shop)
Ancestors: View 9 ancestors

The Social Security Applications and Claims Index shows his birth date as June 19.

Father: Albert Theron Briggs Born: 09/08/1866 Died: 09/27/1944   (age 78)

Mother: Ida Jane Day (Briggs) Born: 12/12/1862 Died: 07/20/1934   (age 71)

Brother: James Albert Briggs Born:09/1888 Died:    
Brother: Willard Clinton Briggs Born:04/01/1889 Died:12/1977   (age 88)   
Brother: Charles Leroy Briggs Born:11/18/1890 Died:12/12/1992   (age 102)   
Sister: Mary Catherine Briggs (Bumpus) Born:11/27/1891 Died:02/26/1951   (age 59)   
Sister: Ruth I. Briggs Born:09/1894 Died:    
Brother: George Dewey Briggs Born:03/1897 Died:    
Brother: Homer Briggs Born:07/1899 Died:    
Brother: Harold Briggs Born:07/1899 Died:    
Brother: Allen Everett Briggs Born:1899 Died:11/03/1951    
Brother: Leonard Moore Briggs Born:10/08/1902 Died:04/1983   (age 80)   
Sister: Helen Rowena Briggs (Weis) Born:12/22/1904 Died:07/21/1999   (age 94)   
Sister: Charlotte E. Briggs Born:04/21/1907 Died:12/26/1989   (age 82)   
Brother: B. Briggs Born:  Died:    
Wife: Agnes Mae Lauder (Briggs) Born:11/25/1894 Died:02/16/1990   (age 95) Married:11/25/1919