This website is an attempt to document the people and places of Macedon, NY from its first settlement in the late 1700s, as well as my own family history. As the site grows, the scope will expand beyond Macedon. The data has been compiled from several sources, including the U.S. Federal Census records. As with any historical data, there are bound to be errors in the source documents and mistakes in my compilation and inferences. The hope (and goal) is that these inaccuracies are few and far between.

I try to be as accurate as possible in my interpretation of various sources. As I find mistakes in any of my assumptions I will make corrections.

Note on spouses: The family tree portion of this website contains many family histories derived from census reports, cemetery records, etc. As a general policy, the mother and father of a child are inferred to be spouses, even though there is a chance (albeit small) they were not in fact married. Marriage dates are given when they are known. Likewise, it is also inferred that when the head of a household (usually male) had children, that his spouse was the mother of said children. Sometimes this turns out to be inaccurate, as the real mother may have died and her husband remarried. The reason these inferences are made is to provide a reasonably correct view of the majority of family trees and to allow for easy navigation through each family tree. A future goal of this site is to provide explicit references for each piece of information, and to indicate when information is unverified or when an inference is made.

Note on naming conventions: I have chosen to display names based on a person's birth name (or their adopted name, especially if adopted young), with married names following in parentheses. This may not be the standard way to display names in traditional genealogical compilations, however I personally find that it is less confusing than some other formats. For example, Jane Doe marries Al Smith, so her name is displayed as "Jane Doe (Smith)". Al dies and Jane remarries, to John Richardson. Her name is then displayed as "Jane Doe (Smith, Richardson)".

Thanks is given to all contributers at findagrave.com, ancestry.com, and various other online sources.